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Privacy and cookies

To ensure that this website is as useful as possible we sometimes need to use cookies to help us gather information about how visitors use this site.

What are cookies?

A cookie (web cookie, or browser cookie) is a small file which is stored on your computer when you visit a website. These files are used by the website for a number of things but mainly to track or trace where you have been on the website and what you are searching for. In some cases cookies also assist in any interaction between you and the website, for example when using social media such as facebook and twitter.

For a more details read more about cookies on Wikipedia.

Which cookies do we use?

We actively use cookies to record how visitors use and browse around our website. This helps us determine popular and unpopular pages and lets us know where we need to improve and what services we may need need to promote or update. In order to achieve this we use the popular Google Analytics system.

We also use a cookie to store your basket information in the shop, so that you can visit other pages and the item is still there to purchase.

What do these cookies look like?

If you check your web browser settings for the cookies that our site has stored on your computer you should see:

Cookie Name Purpose Cookie Identifier
Google Analytics Tracks how you use our website, which areas you visit and how you found our website. Also tells us about how you accessed our site (if you used a mobile or PC for example) and how long you spent reading information __utma
Shop Used when you add something to the basket. This keeps the item in the basket until you remove it or go to checkout. cart_in_use